About Us

Our Core Values at The Pleasant view Home

Succeeding in our mission begins with the caring professionals who make up our dynamic team, and relies on their enthusiasm toward meeting and exceeding The Pleasant view standards of excellence.
This understanding of what it takes to be the very best in adult home inspired us to establish a set of core values, which champion a culture of care and compassion throughout every community of Pleasant View and inform and inspire all that we do:


A heart and soul committed to upholding impeccable ethical standards


Extended fully, freely and unconditionally to residents, to families and to one another


The pledge to be dependable and accountable, to each other and as a team


Personal investment and genuine passion inspires each word and action


Uniting residents, family, staff and community in a seamless circle of care


To be the gold standard by which all adult home communities are measured

These six values guide our perspective here at Pleasant View. With them at our core, we consistently provide exceptional service and unparalleled care – the very thing that continues to set Pleasant View apart.

Our genuinely compassionate and caring staff is committed to our residents’ well-being, ensuring our residents experience extraordinary accommodations, expert care, and any necessary support.

Genuine caring is a quality we regard as essential for Pleasant View, which is why we not only demand that all personnel possess the proper training, background, and experience, but that each individual demonstrates the character to champion our mission and vision.

Our Principles of Service

Preserving Dignity

Every Pleasant View resident receives the respect they deserve.

Celebrating Individuality

Every Pleasant View resident has a life story that we want to hear and understand.

Encouraging Independence

We promote self-reliance in whatever ways are possible and comfortable for you.

Nurturing the Spirit

We care for the whole person: mind, body, and spirit.

Enabling Freedom of Choice

At Pleasant View, options are a way of life.

Involving Family and Friends

Communication with your family is a top priority, and your family and friends are always welcome at our community at any time, day or night.